Adobe Acrobat Sign: Rich Interactive sales play assets

Please find below the sales play assets based on how Rich Interactive, a creative agency, has benefited from the deployment of Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Although every buyer’s journey is different, we have ordered the assets in line with a traditional sales funnel, from awareness through to decision stage. We have included an example of where and how sellers can use each asset for each section.

The closer the match of the target audience to Rich Interactive the greater the response will be.

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Social posts

These social posts are designed to generate awareness. Each post has a customer quote relating to a key benefit. Sellers can post them on their own networks to drive traffic to a landing page or relevant assets.

Single topic movies

Each video is based on a specific benefit that is designed to resonate with the target audience. These can be used to grab the attention of prospects that maybe interested in the benefits covered or reluctant to consider a purchase because of preconceived opinions.

Following an initial call, they could be used as a series to nurture the prospect and reinforce the proposition over several weeks.

They can also be used later in the journey to rebuke any blockers from the prospect. For example, if the prospect believes that Adobe Acrobat Sign is too expensive or too complicated for a small agency.

Simple, yet versatile

Sending client contracts

Recording contractor hours

Enabling tighter processes

Easily affordable

Demo movies

Demonstration movies are used when the prospect has bought in to the high-level benefits but now wants to know more about how it works from a look and feel point of view. They are great for nudging prospects at the decision-making stage or answering specific queries.

Adding checkboxes in Adobe Sign

Using Adobe Sign in Microsoft Teams


Once the prospect has engaged in a sales conversation and shown interest in the product, a podcast can help them verify and justify their thoughts. This podcast lasts for just under 15 minutes but if they are genuine prospects, they will be happy to invest this amount of time. Podcasts are now commonplace and one of the fastest growing mediums.

Join Daryl Stickley, Marie Nayaka and James Southgate as they talk about the benefits of Adobe Acrobat Sign within their business.

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