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Hi Gemma,

Here are some examples of our NFP customer stories for you to share with The Felix Project. I’ve also added a diversity and inclusion story at the bottom, which is slightly off topic but still on the theme of human interest.

If you have any requests or questions, please feel free to ask.


Leonard Cheshire

Leonard Cheshire turned to technology throughout their organisation to transform the way they care for the disabled. From the finance office to the front-line carers, they have more time for their primary role and everyone is more effective.

The outcomes are both positive and numerous. They include higher standards of care, increased morale within the volunteers and staff, a reduction in costs and greater returns from their fundraising activities.


Katie Smith and Ben Ryan left having a child quite late and although it was a perfectly healthy pregnancy it all went wrong during the delivery. Sol’s arm was crushed by the forceps and 10 days later he had to have is arm amputated below the elbow.

Rather than wait 12 months for a basic prosthetic for Sol, Ben bought some cheap 3D printers and using a Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect scanner, produced a well-fitting socket for Sol. Soon after, Ben applied his knowledge to the cause of helping other children around the world.

We chose this video to share because it’s a sensitive subject matter that has massively impacted the lives of those who share their story.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The team at Battersea re-home dogs and cats from all walks of life. The team makes it their mission to reduce the length of stay for each and every one of those animals, which led them to Reverse Matching animals to owners using Microsoft machine learning and AI.

This video highlights the sensitivity needed to work with animals. The team at Battersea were delighted with the results.

Shropshire Council

This story charts the progress Shropshire Council have made tracking and supporting the homeless.

The development of ‘The Homeless App’ has made it much easier to support the homeless people of Shropshire and the cost savings can be applied directly to benefit more people in need.

Channel 4

In 2012 Channel 4 was the broadcaster for the Paralympics. The experience changed the organisation and set it on a mission to become a truly inclusive employer. Eight years on it now has Disability Confident Leader status and takes advantage of assistive technology to widen the talent pool, harnessing the best people, regardless of disability.

This is the story of that journey, which continues today.

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