Full Customer Story

Prices from £8K - £12K

High production value, full-length customer stories with talking heads and b-roll

CDW – Warwickshire County Council

This is the story of how CDW helped WCC roll out 4500 Surface devices in under 6 months. We also created 5 social clips to promote the story.

Microsoft - Rugby School

The Surface Studio has made a big impact in the art department of Rugby School. Teachers and students alike enthuse about what is now possible.

Microsoft - Marmite's Taster Face

This is a fun and quirky video that complements the tone of Marmite’s very successful campaign. At the same time it explains the technology required without losing the layman.

Single topic clips

In a single filming day we typically capture over 90 minutes of interview footage. This can be made into a wide range of formats that can be used in multiple marketing channels and throughout the buyers Journey.

Prices from £1.5K - £3.5K (usually a derivative of the main story and part of a series)

CDW - Working Spaces

This was one of eleven assets created for the Return to Work project. In this 1 minute clip Flannery talks about the importance to creating a great environment for employees to work.

CDW - Surface Pro

This 45 second clip highlights the reasons why Warwickshire County Council made the decision to choose the Microsoft Surface devices including the benefits and features of the device.

Persona Video

In this clip the IT manager at Rugby School explains the technology benefits of using Microsoft Surface devices in the school. This is aimed specifically at other IT manager in education.

Show and Tell

A simple, yet effective show and tell video that demonstrates how students can help themselves and grow their confidence.

Social Post

Sometimes performance and enthusiasm is more engaging than detail. This is a great example and was part of a comprehensive set of assets which also includes the previous video.

A Mini Documentary

Faster response times save lives in policing. This documentary approach demonstrates very clearly without selling and is part of a longer video.

Leveraging the Value of a Customer Story

£5k - £8k

Here are three customer stories that last a little more than one minute. In the case of these three, they were produced as alternative cuts to a longer piece. That said, they demonstrate what is possible with a shorter duration.

Increasing potato yield with AI

It takes a lot of technology to analyse the many factors that impact crop yield. This video touches upon the technology but demonstrates that the customers’ interest lies elsewhere – with the outcomes.

The customer's customer

The PRS analyses amasses data than Mastercard. They spend their time analysing and reporting. But this story changes completely once you view it through the lens of their customers.

Visual FX, cloud powered

When you can increase you processing capability 10-fold, instantly it changes what’s possible in the visual fx industry. UK leading company, Jellyfish describe their experiences.

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