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Hi Ted, we’ve put together a selection of previous work with the CSM team to demonstrate our customer stories.

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Marie Nayaka


This series of videos showcase the C.H. Robinson & Microsoft CSM partnership. The interviews were filmed on location and the cutaways are a combination of shots taken on the day, and C.H. Robinson's own library footage.

Two shorter edits were also produced to enable CSMs to share the story in more bitesize formats. These are below the main edit.

"It's clear that by having a customer success manager, we've been able to achieve more."

Chris O'Brien, Chief Commercial Officer, C.H. Robinson

2 minute version

1 minute version


The CLA & Microsoft CSM partnership video was filmed part on location, and part via virtual interview with customers. The cutaways are library shots, selected to bring the story to life. Unlike the C.H. Robinson video, the full CLA story features the Microsoft CSM, Miles Sovell.

Two shorter edits of the main video are also shared below.

"If you have a partnership and you enjoy working together, you can do amazing things."

Jennifer Leary, Chief Strategy Officer, CLA

2 minute version

1 minute version

Ford Value Realization Workshop

This is an example of an internal video for a Microsoft audience. It features virtual interviews with the team that delivered the Ford Value Realization workshop. The cutaways are library shots selected to compliment the narrative.


Our premium customer stories, as you have seen in the examples above are $14,000. This is the same pricing as we offer Serge.

The shorter edits you see above are offshoots of the main edit, once it has been finalized. These came in at $1,000 each.

We're also able to provide a variety of different formats for your customer story, such as social media clips and animated infographics. We're happy to share examples with you if you'd like them.

Speak soon, Marie.

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