Hi Sarith

It was great to catch up with you earlier this week.

As we mentioned on the call we find that using customer evidence and insight creates the most compelling and engaging content. This is backed up by research carried out by Microsoft who proved that customer led marketing and specifically video based assets generate the most traction with their target audiences.

I have put together a few examples of our recent work to highlight some of the different formats that are most effective. Hopefully you will be able to see how these could be used to help your sales and marketing teams generate business opportunities and close deals.

Microsoft Education Campaign

Microsoft education campaign 

Brief: The Microsoft education team wanted compelling campaign assets to promote the move from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The campaign was to run over a number of months utilising multiple sales and marketing channels.

Solution: We worked with a number of schools, who already enjoy the benefits of Windows 10, to create 46 assets in multiple video formats that would resonate with multiple roles. These included:  

20 social clips (20 – 30 seconds each) with inspirational quotes from heads of school, teachers and heads of IT in schools

10 benefit montage videos (60 seconds each) based on the 10 benefits highlighted by the education team to move to Windows 10. Each video included quotes from 3 customers

13 show and tell videos (60 seconds each) with hands on customer demonstrations  highlighting key features of Windows 10

3 deployment stories (60 seconds each) to explain how they migrated to the new solution


Reasoning behind campaign approach:

Relevant: Resonates with multiple decision making roles and influencers

Consistent: Implemented over multiple weeks with multiple touch points to ensure it stays front of mind with the audience

Multi-channel: Utilises multiple sales and marketing channels and tools to increase the coverage and consumption of the campaign

Nurturing: Includes messages that work throughout the entire buying cycle

Referral: Connects with the target audience through peer to peer communication

Context: It is a very real campaign with real teachers talking about real issues in their own environment

Conversion: The compelling nature of the content provokes a reaction in the audience

Social Clips

Show and tell


Deployment Story

D365 Retail Banking Video

D365 retail banking video 

Brief: To create a video asset based on customer insight to position D365 as an innovative solution that delivers a “deeper” customer relationship for retail banks.

Solution: We wanted to contextualise the ‘deeper’ message to resonate with current real-world issues facing the retail banks and demonstrate the benefits of moving to a D365 solution. Original plans included interviewing multiple customers face to face but with the Covid 19 lockdown we chose to record the customer experience piece remotely. The video had great feedback from the Microsoft industry team and will be launching soon.

Southampton University Hospital

Southampton University Hospital

Brief: The brief came to us from the Modern Workplace business group in Microsoft. They wanted us to capture the story of how a hospital was using Teams messaging to increase the efficiencies of Doctors enabling patients to be seen sooner.

Solution:  On the day of the shoot the Covid 19 situation meant that we were no longer able to film at the hospital or carry out interviews face to face. We were still able to capture the story on Microsoft Teams and created animation graphics to support the narrative. We have been working on a project to develop best practise remote interviewing for some time (using Microsoft Teams). There are many elements involved, both technically and psychologically. We are now advising other groups in Microsoft globally around our best practice approach.


Orangebox customer story 

Brief: The World Wide Sales Director for D365 in Microsoft commissioned us to create a customer story video to promote the field service capabilities of D365 in a manufacturing scenario.

Solution: This is a more traditional customer story with talking heads and footage filmed on the customer site. One of our differentiators is in the narrative. We understand the needs of customers and the role that technology such as D365 plays in their industry. We interview in a very conversational style which means that we have no set questions but let the interviewee tell their story. We also spend more time than other agencies working with the transcripts to craft narrative that is compelling to the viewer – leading to longer viewing times (i.e. more people watch the whole video) and more leads and opportunities.

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