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Relevant examples

We’ve chosen four examples here for you to review and share with Mediacom. We’ve also written a brief explanation describing why we chose each video. You can find many more examples on our website at

PRS for Music

This is an example of featuring the customer’s customer – an interview with a recording artist. PRS collects music royalties by monitoring more than 6 trillion transactions a year.

It’s a complex solution with a big cloud architecture, yet the thrust of the story from the musician’s perspective is not about technology at all. It’s about receiving an amazing service and being extremely loyal.


We’ve included this video because it highlights the technique we use to bring the software to life. The idea is that we show relevant parts of the software in the context that it is used i.e. real business scenarios.

By simplifying the software interface and syncing it with the narrative we make it easier for the viewer to see how the software helps in a business context.

IoT in Construction

This video highlights how motion graphics can tell a story when it is not possible to film. We were originally scheduled to shoot at a large construction site, but when this became impossible we switched to a more digital approach with some compelling results.

This video was produced and used successfully to support a large new business pitch.


This video is a blend of bespoke footage shot by us and library footage to fill the gaps and provide variety. We’ve also added graphic overlays to highlight the data that is being tracked and analysed.

It’s also a strong candidate to highlight that business outcomes and contextual impact, as perceived by non-technical people, are at the heart of a good customer story. This story was selected by Satya Nadella for a keynote.

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