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Virtual interview setup guide

Below is a guide to setting up for your virtual interview. There is time built into the shoot itself to check framing, lighting and to answer any further questions you may have.

Virtual interview setup guide

What's involved

  • A pre-interview call with our specialist production team, to guide your remote filming setup, put you at ease and answer any questions you may have.
  • The interview itself will be filmed remotely and will last around 1 hour.
  • The interview style is relaxed and informal and the team is there to guide you through the process.
  • You and your teams will be sent all final versions before publication to review and approve.

Story arc

Covering the following key areas, your short story will serve to highlight the quantifiable value of data and analytics within your organisation. The story arc will be as follows:

  • Introduction to your department and the goals you had for leveraging data and analytics in your organisation/s
  • The approach you took to get started
  • The benefits gained from the solution
  • Goals and aspirations for the future
  • Later in the story we’ll explore the relationship with Qlik: insight, support, training, technical expertise, etc.
  • We’d like to include key moments that we may use for an infographic: stats, figures, outcomes, etc.
  • And close with a personal reflection on the project

What you need to prepare

  • Unlike other filmed interviews you may have done, you don’t need to prepare your answers in advance.
  • Many customers choose to have notes and refer to them at the end of the interview, to record other answers they feel are relevant but may have missed.
  • After your interview, your content will be transcribed and edited to shape the narrative into a succinct short story.

Showcase example

Below is a an example of a similar project with Qlik customer, JSR Farms.

The main difference you will see here is that it is webinar style and the interviewer – in this case the Partner – is on screen with the interviewees.

This example is relevant because you can see the production values of the finished piece and the way we navigate through the story arc.

Specific examples are the first few minutes, where we use broll (shots) during the customer introduction. And c.17 minutes where we use an animated infographic to highlight key benefits of the solution.

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