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Great to catch up the other day and thanks for your notes. As promised here are some examples of our work. I will review your notes in more detail and we can set up another call to discuss next steps.

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One day shoot with talking heads and b-roll

We create high production value, full-length customer stories as part of our proposition. Here are two examples of what can be achieved on a one-day customer shoot.

DfE enables inclusion with Microsoft Office 365

The Department for Education inclusivity agenda empowers every employee to bring their whole selves to work. And they're achieving that with the help of Microsoft 365.

Artificial Intelligence to transform care for patients

With each unplanned hospital trip costing in the region of £6,000, NHS Glasgow & Clyde are pioneering AI to reduce hospital admissions.

Two day shoot with talking heads and b-roll

By extending the shoot to two filming days, we are able to capture a wider range of shots and scenes to support the narrative. Here are two examples.

A platform to support global aspirations

From its inception in 2002, Orangebox has been creating innovative, design-led furniture to to bring people together. Capitalizing on its success in the UK, Orangebox had aspirations to grow globally but required a single technology platform to build its vision. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the answer.

Dr. Martens “Joins the Revolution” Dynamics 365

Dr. Martens is an iconic British footwear brand, loved the world over for its signature style. Recognizing the need to evolve to suit the needs of the twenty-first century consumer, the brand embarked on “Project Reboot: Join the Revolution” to replace all its legacy applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Supplementary overlays

Software solutions are notoriously difficult to convey in clips that tend to last no more than 4-8 seconds. We use supplementary overlays to enhance the narrative and bring the solution to life.

A simple Teams call visualised on screen

This is a very short and easy to watch clip which shows the Teams user experience without all of the surrounding interface you would normally see.

Using advanced analytics to improve patient outcomes

NEL support over 43 London clinical groups with a range of support services and it uses Microsoft analytics to drive improvements in the health of local populations.

Omnico halves the cost of its Azure spend

Multiple solution overlays help the viewer discover how Omnico ensures secure, efficient, round the clock support to its global customers.

Increasing potato yield with AI

It takes a lot of technology to analyse the many factors that impact crop yield. This video touches upon the technology but demonstrates that the customers’ interest lies elsewhere – with the outcomes.

Additional assets

It takes a lot of energy to reach the point whereby a client is happy to tell their story on your behalf. We have many formats to ensure that you can engage a wider audience and maximise the return.

Short videos for social media

Customer quotes for social media

Software demos


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