Filming with Microsoft & Rich Interactive

What to expect on the day

Prior to filming

The key to a great video is proper preparation! Initially your brief might arrive with us by email or via a call to our team. Once we’ve investigated the story you want to tell, we’ll schedule a conference or Skype call with all interested parties to ensure that everyone fully understands the goal, the plan for the shoot and has an opportunity to ask questions or to amend the brief.

Our project team then produces a call sheet that we circulate a couple of days before the shoot, this includes key details such as the exact location, timings for the day and contact information for everyone involved. Our crew will always make sure we arrive at the location ready to go and will stay overnight locally if necessary, to ensure we can start promptly and make the very most of the time available with you.

The day itself

It takes us about 45 minutes to setup our camera and lighting equipment and to arrange the interview area; we’ll also do sound checks, and take a couple of test shots, to ensure everything is running correctly before we start interviews with your staff.

We like to begin the day with the key interviews. We do this to help us to capture the essential points of story which will then help us to decide on what additional footage we will film later in the day, either in your offices or at specific locations you have identified. We like to allow around 45 minutes for each interviewee; not all of this will be filming but it does enable us to account for delays, nerves and those unexpected noises that can sometimes interrupt an interview.

Once the interviews have been completed and we’ve captured the narrative of the story from each stakeholder, we’ll turn our attention to the additional footage that will set the background scenes in the video; for example, shots of your premises or of staff using the technology. Your help will be essential in identifying key locations that will bring the interviews to life, ensuring that the viewer remains engaged in your story.

What happens next?

After we’ve finished our day’s filming, the real works starts! We bring the footage back to our expert edit team who will piece together the very best of the interviews and additional footage, add music and titles and we’ll have a draft video back to you for your feedback as soon as we can. We always welcome your constructive comments and suggestions – it’s your story and we want to you to be delighted with the outcome. Once the final version is approved and released to you, we always look forward to seeing it published to promote your products or events.

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