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Hi Mark,

Here’s a quick update on the Microsoft customer stories with The Big Word. The best place to start is with my video on the right of this page. I’ll explain what we’ve done and our proposed next steps.

See you soon, Daryl.

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Finished videos

These stories are finished and ready for internal review. There is no need to swap out any footage when we shoot new content.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 gives The Big Word access and visibility of data. This ‘single version of the truth’ allows teams to make more informed decisions, impacting customer satisfaction which is ultimately driving business growth.

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360° Client View

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows The Big Word to have a single view of the customer. Reporting dashboards show all interactions, from initial marketing engagement, through to communications, sales and account information.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Teams have unlocked the power of LinkedIn by integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Microsoft Dynamics 365. From lead management through to marketing and social selling, activity is stored in Dynamics 365 to help sales people reach their business targets.

Videos with extra shots required

We’ve completed and locked the narrative, then added the b-roll. In doing so, we can now see that further shots are needed to tell the story well. We plan to swap out some of the shots in these videos when we shoot new footage.

Migration to Microsoft Azure

The Big Word underwent a step-change to migrate its on-premise infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. As a result, the business has diversified its revenue streams and engaged with customers in a new way.

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Fueling innovation

By providing technology solutions to its customers, The Big Word is driving innovation in the language market. The strategy of the business has since evolved from a focus on translation and interpreting services, to delivering technology services to its customers.

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Microsoft Power BI

The real-time reporting capability of Microsoft Power BI provides valuable management reporting information for internal KPIs. In addition, teams now have the ability to create bespoke reports for customers, which has been a big leap forward for the business.

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The baked-in security features of Microsoft Azure gives customers peace of mind that their information is secure. This is an added advantage in the tender process, where the partnership with Microsoft provides added credibility and assurance that The Big Word is using the most secure systems available.

Videos with narrative not yet edited

Once it was clear that we would need further footage we halted editing to get your input. The following two videos don’t yet have completed narrative, hence they are currently shown as topic titles rather than video.

Strategy and direction

This covers the original thinking about how The Big Word wanted to evolve and the steps that would be necessary. It includes the interview content from Joshua Gould.

Modern Workplace

As you would expect, this video describes how the switch to Office 365 and Surface devices has changed the way that people work and contributed towards an evolution of culture at The Big Word.

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