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Hi Matt, Ted, Joseph and Rachel

As promised, we’ve put together a selection of previous work to demonstrate some of the things we discussed. This showcase is written predominately for ManpowerGroup’s benefit and this version includes pricing information for the additional assets we discussed. Once final deliverables are decided we will amend the page and provide a non-priced version to send to Raj and team.

  • The first section on this page details the story of the ManpowerGroup and Microsoft partnership (i.e. CSU focus).
  • The second section shares examples of wider Microsoft customer success stories. While all videos will be pitched as external, this version has the widest appeal for both Microsoft and ManpowerGroup.
  • And the final section shares examples of internal assets we have created for customers.

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Video 1: $14,000

ManpowerGroup and Microsoft Partnership

This story will share the relationship between ManpowerGroup and the Microsoft Customer Success Unit (CSU) and the ways you work together to realize value through BizApps and Dynamics 365. With a specific focus on business outcomes, this video will be showcased to other Microsoft customers to highlight the benefits of the partnership to evidence how they might accelerate success with the help of the CSU.

This video will also be a powerful tool for an internal ManpowerGroup audience to celebrate IT success and the role BizApps is playing in driving the business forward.

Below are two examples of external-facing Microsoft CSU customer success stories.

C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson is one of the world’s largest logistics platforms with nearly $20 billion in freight under management and 18 million shipments annually. Its goal is to digitize the world’s supply chain.

This video explores their journey and the role Microsoft CSU played in helping them achieve success.

All customer interviews were filmed onsite in June 2020, following strict social distancing rules. Cutaways are a combination of onsite filming and footage provided by C.H. Robinson.


CLA has provided industry-focused consulting services for more than 60 years. A core part of their strategy to reach in excess of $2bn in revenue is investing in technologies that drive innovation.

This video shares the process they followed with Microsoft CSU to begin to realize more value from their existing investment in Dynamics 365.

Interviews were filmed part on location following social distancing rules and part via virtual interview with customers. The cutaways are carefully selected library shots to bring the story to life.

Video 2: $9,500

Microsoft customer success story

This video will tell the wider ManpowerGroup customer success story without the CSU focus. The three examples below showcase similar customer success stories we have produced and the various production techniques used to bring the technology to life.

Dr. Martens “Joins the Revolution” with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dr. Martens is an iconic British footwear brand, loved the world over for its signature style. Recognizing the need to evolve to suit the needs of the twenty-first century consumer, the brand embarked on “Project Reboot: Join the Revolution” to replace all its legacy applications with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

HSBC Payme

“This is a fantastic video. Our global Head of Financial Services showed it in her keynote and was delighted by the reaction. We’re all impressed by the quality of messaging and production, especially given the very short timescale to fly to Hong Kong, film the interviews and deliver the finished piece."

Paul Bellanti, Global Business Director - HSBC
Microsoft Enterprise Commercial

A platform to support global aspirations

From its inception in 2002, Orangebox has been creating innovative, design-led furniture to to bring people together. Capitalizing on its success in the UK, Orangebox had aspirations to grow globally but required a single technology platform to build its vision. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was the answer.

Empowering Students with Microsoft Teams

This is an excerpt from a full customer story featuring Newcastle University and Microsoft Teams. It is included here to demonstrate how graphical overlays show the technology in context. This approach can be successfully adapted for ManpowerGroup and BizApps.

Video 3: from $6,000

Internal ManpowerGroup video asset

We can also produce a version of the video for ManpowerGroup to use internally to increase user awareness and adoption. Content for these alternative cuts is gathered during the main interview and the visuals are adapted to support the narrative.

If we’re producing an Advocacy video it will be more aligned to an internal edit and therefore require less altering to the narrative in production, making the price $6,000 – $7,000.
If we’re not producing an advocacy edit then an internal story will take more time in production to craft, making the price $9,500.

We can quote for a more bespoke version if ManpowerGroup would like a completely new asset for adoption.

Fortnum & Mason 'Project Ampersand'

This is an example of a Microsoft story branded for the customer; in this case a Microsoft Partner. The video uses stylized graphical overlays to show the technology in the context of the user and was well received by its internal audience.

Fortnum & Mason 'Project Ampersand'

This is an internal version of the main Microsoft story to increase awareness and engagement with Project Ampersand. The video received fantastic feedback from teams and users across the whole organisation.

CLA: mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a key component of CLAs growth strategy. This video was produced as a supplementary asset to the main CSU story for CLA to share with potential partners.

Next steps

Once you have agreed internally which assets you would like to produce for the customer, we can do a call with Raj and his team to discuss the process and agree dates for filming.

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